2024 Update

I have just updated a few pages:

  • The Recordings  page now lists all of my CDs with Stradivarius and Magnatune on one page
  • I have now included a link to the booklet of each CD on the dedicated pages.

Here are a couple of reviews that were written since I last updated my web site:

Recent reviews of Vincenzo Capirola – Il piu bel secreto e arte

“His soft, glitsch-free caress of his gut-strung 6-course lute by Klaus Jacobsen has a compelling clarity, and the easy fluency with which he interprets the phrasing and ornamentation of Capirola’s music entices the untiring ear as the naked man offers a flower to a woman in one of Vidal’s sketches.”

Rick Jones, Lute News (of the English Lute Society)

“Mr. Beier does a masterful job of making [the ornaments] sound natural, even integral to the musical texture, Of course, this is greatly aided by his fluid, seemingly effortless technique, and his elegant musical sensibility, which is on display throughout.”

Howard Kadis, Lute Society of America Quarterly