Beier Fret and String Calculator

Beier String and Fret Calculator – Version 2



  • Handles any type of solid string material such as gut, nylon and carbon, but also copper, brass, etc., and also includes Savarez and Pyramid, K├╝rschner and Aquila over-wound string catalogues.
  • Calculates the string equation based on string length, frequency, diameter, density and tension with the possibility of input from any part of the equation.
  • Hear the pitches of strings and frets on your computer, and use the program as an instrument tuner.
  • Calculates frets in any variety of meantine temperament, and includes 8 predefined temperaments from Pythagorean to 1/3 comma meantone.
  • Meantone fret placement charts based on musical key.
  • Raise and lower the tuning globally or change the pitch standard from 440 to any pitch of your choice.
  • Save personalized instrument files and print string and fret charts or save them as HTML files.
  • Comes with online help and many more new features too numerous to mention.