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Lists and tables

Many fields in a MusIco record are made of simple lists, or are accessed through tables of data. An example of a drop down list is "Musical Notation", which contains "mensural notation", "lute tablature", etc. A table is a more complex collection of data. The "Artists" table, for example, contains information on an artist's dates, his cultural milieu, the kind of art he produced, etc.


The 30 lists in MusIco are themsleves contained in a drop-down list on the Lists dialogue:

The Lists dialogue contains the drop-down list selector, followed by the list itself. On the lower half of the dialogue, there is an entry for each language that the selected list item is translated into (see Language Support)

example: list of performer's "Actions"

Tables - some examples

Table "Books and Manuscripts" (this picture shows the list of tables, too)

Table "Artists"

Table "Musical Objects"

The "Musical Objects" table is connected to the Hornbostel-Sachs classification of musical instruments:


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