Musico 1.7

in colloboration with

Images of Music - Culture 2000
July 2002-June 2003

Version 1.6 of MusIco was selected for use by the Images of Music project and distributed to participants in seven countries: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Images of Music, directed by Tilman Seebass (Univ. Innsbruck), was partially funded by the Culture 2000 program of European Union for one year between July 2002 and June 2003*

During this time, MusIco 1.6 was used extensively by IoM's 16 partners and other catalogers associated with them. A new version of MusIco (v.1.7) was planned and released in April 2002. This incorporated improved web connectivity and multilingual support, and the comments and suggestions of the many MusIco users in the project were taken into account.

The 16 formal partners of Images of Music were:


Institut für Musikwissenschaft Universität Innsbruck
Prof. Tilman Seebass


Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München – RISM, RIDIM – Munich
Franz Jürgen Götz M.A.


Centre d’Etudes Supérieurs de la Renaissance – Tours
Prof. Nicoletta Guidobaldi


Institut de Recherche sur le Patrimoine musical en France – Paris
Unité mixte de recherche du CNRS
Bibliothčque nationale de France
Département de la Musique
Dr. Florence Gétreau


Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki
Dept. of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts
Prof. Alexan
dra Goulaki Voutira


Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Lisbon
Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical
Prof. Mário Vieira de Carvalho


Museu da Música Portuguesa – Monte Estoril
Casa "Verdades de Faria" -
Dr. Concepcao Correias


Universidad Complutense – Madrid
Istituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales Sgae
Prof. Cristina Bordas


Universitŕ di Pavia
Facoltŕ di Musicologia – Cremona
Prof. Elena Ferrari Barassi

Fondazione Walter Stauffer –  Cremona

Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia – Rome
Dott.ssa Annalisa Bini

Universitŕ degli Studi di Palermo
Istituto di Storia della Musica
Prof. Paolo Emilio Carapezza

Istituto per i Beni Musicali in Piemonte – Turin
Prof. Alberto Basso

Istituto musicale nel Mezzogiorno (Ismez) – Rome
Dr.ssa Marina Carloni

Universitŕ di Venezia – Venice
Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti e conservazione dei beni artistici
Prof. Giovanni Morelli

Fondazione Giorgio Cini – Venice
Istituto per la Musica
Prof. David Bryant

Universitŕ di Bologna – Sede di Ravenna
Dipartimento di Storie e metodi per la conservazione dei Beni Culturali
Prof. F. Alberto Gallo

* "The content of this project (Images of Music) does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community nor does it involve any responsibility on the part of the European Community."